Helping to empower all men and women whether able bodied, wheelchair users or mobility impaired, is  at the heart of our  organisation 

New beginners classes start 

as soon as possible in 2020

First two lessons free!

International Hapkido Dorchester

Self defence classes for able bodied, wheelchair users and mobility impaired men and woman  based at The Thomas Hardye School Dorchester. Now sponsored by Howdens Joinery Co.

Wheelchair Warriors Sponsored by
Wheelchair Warriors Sponsored by




Feb 11

.Able bodied class 7-00 pm to 9-00 pm. Presently running every week! All beginners and wheelchair users wishing to study structured and graded Hapkido to black belt standard are welcome to the class. ALL CLASSES ARE SUSPENDED 

First  two classes FREE!

Thomas Hardye School Activities studio 2 Dorchester DT1 2ET



Able bodied class 7-30 to 9-30 pm  Bridport


British Legion Hall , Victoria Grove, Bridport DT6 3AD


Able bodied class 7-30 to 9-00 pm 


Thomas Hardye School Activities studio 2 Dorchester DT1 2ET


Able bodied class 7-30 to 9-30 pm  Bridport


British Legion Hall , Victoria Grove, Bridport  DT6 3AD

New Class to Start

in Weymouth


A new class is proposed for Dorchester Wheelchair warriors to start in Weymouth as soon as possible and will initially be dedicated to wheelchair users. An able bodied class will follow for beginners. The Dates and venue will be announced shortly so keep your eyes open for this!


Book available

via this website

THE BOOK IS LAUNCHED! The official launch and publication of  "The Way of The Wheelchair Warrior" as a limited edition hard copy, which is available through this website, via the contact page. It is the only publication of it's kind available anywhere

£19-99 including postage and packing. 

The DVD for this publication is now available  and is included with the book 



a blog for

Wheelchair warriors

A Wheelchair Warriors blog will appear on the English Federation of Disability Sports website. This is a nationally recognised body supporting disabled sports for all! It remains on the website as an archive!

Check it out  at             


The Way of the Wheelchair Warrior

 DVD to accompany the book now available!

Hi folks the DVD which accompanies the book and which covers all the techniques is mostly comprehensive but some sections are only examples and full details can be found in the book itself. Here's a brief sample!

Wheelchair Warriors receives sponsorship

Many thanks to Howdens Joinery a nationally recognised company based in Watford for their generous sponsorship. They already support Leonard Cheshire Disability and  similar organisations. This has been made possible through the outstanding efforts of Dave Lee,  who works for Howdens and lives locally in Martinstown near Dorchester. Cheers Dave!

Hapkido features in Scott Eaton's Recent Martial Arts Bodies in Motion photo shoot in London. Take a look at the results!

Last November Master Lee and Geoff Hicks took part in a professional photoshoot for artist and lecturer Scott Eaton in Red Eye Studios London. We were amongst some of the best Martial Arts company around including Grandmaster Leon Jay son of Grandmaster Wally Jay of Small Circle Jujitsu fame who taught Bruce Lee in his living room!. Here's a link to see some of that shoot,  including a couple of techniques some of you will recognise.  There's more to come soon.

Here are some class activities and example strategies

Able bodied class format

This is a short example of the layout of a regular class for able bodied  (and wheelchair students were applicable) studying to reach Black Belt level and beyond.

Wheelchair Warriors seminar at Rossmoor Leisure Centre covering safety and wrist releases

This class explains safety  whilst practising wrist releases specifically adapted for wheelchair and mobility impaired students. 

These are strategies which are all based on the new book

"Way of the Wheelchair Warrior" available from this website ! Make all requests through the contacts page email 

Welcome to International Hapkido Dorchester and

The Wheelchair Warriors website

So you want to learn how to look after yourself ? Maybe just to get fit or perhaps you want to learn a martial art in detail, even get yourself a black belt? Whatever your reason we can help you start to recognise and develop your abilities to fulfil your goals.

BENEFITS : We will enable you to raise self-esteem and levels of aerobic fitness in terms of strength, agility, flexibility and also help you to feel re-assured about your personal safety.

THE LAW : You will begin to understand your rights within the law to learn, develop and use appropriate strategies to defend yourself.

“THE WAY” : We can enhance all our abilities by following “The Way” or “Do”. This is common to many styles of martial arts (Hapki-do, Tae Kwon – do). It is basically the code we live by including ethics, combined physical and mental discipline, patience, understanding, tenacity, inner strength and resilience. It is everything that we truly believe and practice in life.

MIND BODY TRAINING : The body and the mind are one harmonious unit or whole. The body is the biological “machine” which carries us around and in which “We” reside but the mind is in control both consciously and subconsciously. These two areas need nurturing together. So whilst training your body we cultivate a healthy mind set. Many other methods of combined training such as Yoga have a long history and a proven track record demonstrating physical and mental benefits

THE OUTCOME : Able bodied, those with reduced mobility and particularly wheelchair users  can feel very vulnerable at times. As you can see from the above, learning to defend yourself has many other implications which can improve every aspect of your life. We hope you will take this opportunity to help you to start to acquire the “whole package”, for both you and an able bodied partner should you need one!

Good luck, be patient and ENJOY


If you are unsure of your suitability to undertake our classes you should consult your GP or consultant before commencing any training. A good reference website for you to gauge your abilities and suitability can be found at using their self-assessment wizard by selecting “Find a sport”. You can select your impairment group and check from there. If you are able to do a range of strenuous upper body sports i.e. Wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis etc., this may indicate your suitability. You should still however double check with medical experts as suggested just to be sure.

Join us in our safe environment for your first FREE LESSON !

You should also supply your instructor, (if you have one), with full details of your impairment and medication you may be taking in order for them to take into account any negative aspects of your condition.

So why use Hapkido for self-defence strategies?

The answer to this question is simple. Hapkido relies on technique and not strength to achieve its goals so anyone can utilise it. You don’t have to be Jackie Chan!

Dispel paranoia and perception about vulnerability

Not to condone physical violence in any form

To raise self-esteem and general awareness

To improve strength, flexibility and general health both physically and mentally

To create a long term regime of mental strength, tenacity, understanding and loyalty by following “the way” or “Do”

To have fun learning and

sharing experiences of finding confidence in your own abilities and that of others!

Wheelchair users will need?

An able bodied partner who would ideally be someone who is used to falling and willing to experience a little discomfort. For example a martial artist from, Hapkido, Ju-Jitsu, Kung Fu or Judo where grappling and falling is an integral part of their art. Parkour practitioners or gymnasts are other sources of possible suitable partners. It could even be just someone you know well who wants to help and is willing to learn. They too will benefit a great deal from the experience as we have specific things for them to learn to help you.

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You will need?

If not at our facility,  a place to practice preferably with “Crash Mats” Judo mats, or the like. Maybe your local gym is a place to practice? They may have mats to hand, in a big enough space. You could gather together a few other wheelchair users to share the cost and facilities, maybe even start your own regular club.

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You may need?

An already established martial arts club and instructor who is willing to take you on such as ours. You could find another club were the instructor can use the instruction in the book and the videos on the website to further yours and their own knowledge of the martial arts.

You can contact via the website and book private tuition, daily or weekend courses to facilitate any of the above ideas

Once you have these things in hand you can start to learn the first building blocks of the strategies.

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