Helping to empower all men and women whether able bodied, wheelchair users or mobility impaired, is  at the heart of our  organisation 

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Before you start training !

Before you commence any training it is important you understand the nature of what you are taking on so please watch this video carefully !

So why should you join a class like ours?

Ok, so why should you do Hapkido with wheelchair warriors or an able bodied class. Will you feel you are NOT part of the class? Is it a bit daunting to walk through that door with all those other experienced martial artists and wheelchair users? Hear what other people who have experienced the same feelings have to say after they joined us!

Meet your Wheelchair Warriors instructors

Here are some of the instructors including Master Rick lee who is the author of the book "way of the Wheelchair Warrior" on which most of the Wheelchair Warrior classes are based. This is to be published in the spring as an eBook and limited paperback edition. Instructional videos will also be available on a host website by the early summer.

Sally Legg gets her 4th Dan! (above) Congratulations

After much hard work and long hours of training Sally Legg gained her 4th Dan Black Belt! Sally raced through her grading with great speed and accuracy, ably accompanied by Master Jake Downton5th Dan her partner. Both a credit to the organisation and to themselves, after 27 to 30 years constant training to achieve this high standard. Many congratulations to our first Female Master

Featuring Bridport Hapkido

We would like to feature our sister club in Bridport organised by Master Jake Downton 5th Dan. This club was originally established 30 years ago at the Judo club in Bridport which sadly no longer exists. Plenty of good instruction here for all over the age of 16 years.

Most of our grading for students up to Black belt happen at the Bridport club. Master Downton and Sally Legg 3rd Dan grade the Dorchester students including wheelchair candidates. Master Lee and Steve Hall 3rd Dan  from Dorchester grade all the Bridport students. This obviously avoids any bias during the process 

The Venue is The British Legion Hall, Victoria Grove.  DT6 3AD

Tuesday and Friday evenings 7-30 to 9-30pm

Contact Tel 01038 898006      email  [email protected]

Facebook - International Hapkido Bridport

Development of Black belt syllabus for Wheelchair users

Over the past two years Master Lee and Hugh Gange-Harris 3rd Dan have been working on a Wheelchair Black belt syllabus for International Hapkido. Hugh who was badly injured in an road accident is a wheelchair user but still retains his skills from before his accident as you will see in this video!

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Activities studio 2

The Thomas Hardye School   

Dorchester, Dorset DT1 2ET


Master Rick Lee         07721343569

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Able bodied classes

Mon-: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Wed-: Temporarily suspended

Wheelchair Warriors class
Mon-: Temporarily suspended


How to find us in Dorchester

Finding us in Dorchester is a little difficult to start with so here are some video instructions to get you to the right place.